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Professional quality home and office furniture 3d models at a great low price
 Professional quality 3D Models priced at about 50 cents each !


Models for every room in your home and office, each in 3DS, LWO6 and OBJ format
Have you ever spent hours searching the Web for just the right furniture model, then spent even more hours modeling it yourself? Now you can choose from a selection of 381 models for every room in a house, and office too! And we offer them to you in file formats that fit your 3D program. Models have been hand-crafted to show the highest levels of detail.
381 Furniture Models
Marlin Studios home and office furniture models are great for achitects and interior design

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Models are untextured , but colors, reflections and other material properties can be used to customize the furniture, as shown below. Also, the textures in
Seamless Textures 9 - Fabulous Fabrics include plenty of fabrics and Seamless Textures 1 - General Purpose Surfaces contains plenty of wood textures.

Customeize your Marlin Studioss Home and office furniture models with textures of your choice to match your design.Highly detailed home and office furniture models save you time and money.


Great price for 381 home and office furniture models
Only $139

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If you've ever been faced with creating an interior scene or design, you know the pains you must go through to obtain or create the furnishings. You can spend days or weeks modeling even the simplest chairs, tables, desks and even small accessories. Now you can purchase these high-quality, low-cost models on one CD-Rom.

The Home & Office model library provides 381 models that can be used in every room in a typical home - everything from a full-featured entertainment center to the kitchen sink. And there are plenty of office models to create an office environment. The library is highly usable, because of the variety of models included.

Marlin Studios also offers three companion texture libraries that can add to your interior work. The first is Seamless Textures 1 - General Purpose Surfaces for wood textures, Seamless Textures 3 - Ultimate Interiors and Seamless Textures 9 - Fabulous Fabrics. These libraries are full of textures that give you much more flexibility in building interior environments.

The City Building models are presented in multiple file formats: 3DS, LWO6, and OBJ formats. The models are priced so everyone can afford them, and are fully licensable and royalty free.

381 high-quality 3D models in 3DS, LWO6 and OBJ formats
Right Hemisphere's Deep Exploration included for additional conversions
Cost of each models is about 50 cents
Convenient HTML browser enables fast viewing and selection of all models
Models range in poly count (number of faces) from 330 to 22,000 polygons
File sizes range from 7KB to 10.7MB
Most models average in the 2,400 polygon range with file sizes of 440KB
Models may be used royalty free in commercial and private projects

Dining Room
Living Room


Architectural viz
Web content development
Multimedia applications
Film industry CGI
Legal animations and     renderings

Achieve photorealistic results with Marlin Studios home and office furniture models

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