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house models
 Build an entire downtown with professional quality 3D Models


One-story,  two-story, many styles. . . even 16 Victorian houses, each in 3DS, LWO and OBJ formats. Customize each house with textures of your choice.

You know the time it takes to model a suburban house. Or how about an entire neighborhood? Save valuable time and money when creating suburban scenes. Models have been hand-crafted to show the highest levels of detail. Includes thumbs browser for quick and easy access to each model.
105 House Model Exteriors
house models

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Models are untextured, but any combination of the following Marlin Studios Seamless Texture libraries contain textures that fit your needs:
ST1 - General Purpose Textures
ST2 - Rustic Exteriors
ST10 - Rooftop Materials

house models  house models
house models
Includes 17 Victorian Homes!

house models
Only $139

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Creating a CGI neighborhood can be an arduous task, even modeling just a block of houses. This is especially true if you're under a deadline. Many artists spend literally months modeling and texturing residential scenes. Modeling even one of these houses can take you many hours and we offer you 105 to choose from. Includes highly detailed doors and windows. And we offer them to you in file formats that fit your 3D software. Models have been hand-crafted to show the highest levels of detail, including Boolean Subtract windows and doors.

The 105 Suburban House 3D models are highly detailed and suitable for close-ups. The models are especially effective for animated flythroughs, with no limitations on the virtual camera's position.

The Suburban House models are presented in multiple file formats: 3DS, LWO6+, and OBJ formats. These models are priced so everyone can afford them and are fully licensable and royalty free.

105 high-quality 3D models in 3DS, LWO6 and OBJ formats
Convenient HTML browser enables fast viewing and selection of all models
Models range in poly count (number of faces) from 17,000 to 170,000 polygons
File sizes range from 250KB to 11,000 KB
Most models average in the 70,000 polygon range with file size of 1500KB
Models may be used royalty free in commercial and private projects
architectural/transportation viz
Web content development
Multimedia applications
Film industry CGI
Legal animations and renderings


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