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     A company you can trust . . .
You've probably seen Marlin Studios content in these classic blockbuster
Hollywood movies. . .

Note that this list was compiled before major film studios started farming out work to many smaller studios, and we have since been unable to track who was buying and creating what for who! But we recognize our content on the big screen all the time.

- Frozen - 2014 Oscars - Won - Best Animated Feature, Best Achievement in Music.
- Shrek 2 - 2004 Oscars - Nominated - Best Animated Feature, Achievement in Music

- Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace - 2000 Oscars - Nom - Best VFX, Sound, Sound Editing
- The Matrix -1999 Oscars - Won - Best Visual Effects, Editing, Sound, Sound Editing
- Matrix Revolutions - Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburn, Carrie-Anne Moss
- Looney Tunes Back in Action - Brendan Frazier, Steve Martin, Heather Locklear
- Constantine - Keanu Reeves, Rachel Weisz
- Van Helsing - Hugh Jackman, Kate Beckinsale

Just Some of Marlin Studios' noteworthy users are . . .

Microsoft - Autodesk - Bentley Microstation - Rolls-Royce - Ford Motor Co. - General Motors - National Geographic - Industrial Light & Magic - DreamWorks - LucasArts - Disney - Sony - Rhythm & Hues - Dino DeLaurentiis - DNA Studio - ABC - NBC - CBS - MTV - BBC - National Geographic, TECHTV - Fox Sports - CBN - E! Entertainment - Univision - The United States State Department - the Central Intelligence Agency (they told us they'd have to kill us if we told you) - MetaVR - Acclaim Entertainment - Activision - Atari - Big Huge Games - Blizzard Entertainment - EA Electronic Arts - Epic Games - Gearbox Software - Irrational Games - Konami - Maxis - Midway - Namco-Bandai - NCSoft - Rainbow Studios - Raven Software - Relic Entertainment - Rockstar Games - SEGA - Sony - Take-Two Interactive - THQ - Ubisoft - Valve Software - Vivendi - Westwood Studios. . . and too many more to list! According to Game Developer Magazine, Marlin Studios has sold content to 19 of the top 20 global game developers

About Marlin Studios . . .

MARLIN STUDIOS is a pioneer and global leader in the 3D graphics industry. For almost 20 years, the company has provided innovative, professionally created, time-saving digital content to 3D artists, animators, modelers, VFX artists, game developers, video professionals and architectural/civil engineering visualization creators The company offers an extensive product line of high quality, low poly 3D models, textures, VFX tools plus game creation/animation services.

These fully licensable, royalty free products are used around the world for Oscar winning movies, high-profile games, TV commercials, visualizations, advertising, virtual reality and general 2D/3D art

Currently, we sell 41 model and texture libraries, with many more currently in development. Our goal is to provide you with the best models and textures available . . . and content you can trust . . . as far as quality and intellectual property ownership.

Marlin Studios -- the early years . . .

Marlin Studios was originally a game development company, providing design and game graphics to larger developers. When the company's first website was created, it was one of only six sites devoted to 3D graphics on the "new" World Wide Web.

Most noteworthy of the early shareware games was Rings of the Magi
, with co-design and graphics by founder Tom Marlin. In 1995, the DOS game was awarded the 9th Best Shareware Game of All Time by Computer Gaming World Magazine -- preceded only by such blockbuster titles as Wolfenstien, Doom, Commander Keen and Duke Nukem, to name a few. The game also was awarded the 1995 Puzzle Game of the Year. Marlin Studios had credits in about a half-dozen later titles and designed and developed its own game in 3D, The Roswell Omen, This was probably the most publicized game that never got to market due to unforeseen contractual publishing circumstances, changing market trends and technology advances.

During the gaming years, Marlin Studios found a lack of any highly usable texture maps and models for the game industry, so created its own set of textures, entitled
Seamless Textures You Can ReallY Use. The company marketed and sold this library, then grew from there with many subsequent texture map and 3D model libraries.

Whether you're a large multi-million dollar firm, a government agency or a small studio with lots of talent, Marlin Studios can help you save time and money in developing your major projects. And Marlin Studios is always willing to negotiate an affordable licensing agreement for large projects and/or multi-user sites.

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